Building Your Tabletop RPG World: Tips from Top YouTubers



Are you ready to create an immersive and exciting world for your tabletop roleplaying game? Look no further! We've gathered some top tips from various YouTubers to help you get started. From starting with the big picture to focusing on what makes your world unique, let's explore some expert advice on crafting the perfect setting for your adventures.

Big Picture vs. Micro Focus:

Some YouTubers recommend starting with the big picture and then zooming in on the details, while others suggest beginning with the micro and expanding outwards. Ron Smith advises beginning with basic guidelines for your world, while Runehammer recommends reading good fantasy literature to learn the vocabulary and tropes that make these worlds come alive.

Unique World Features:

Tabletop Weekly encourages you to think about what makes your world unique. Consider the distinguishing features, cultures, and history that will set your world apart from others and make it memorable for your players.

Embrace Change and Adaptation:

Dungeon Dudes advise being open to retconning and changing elements of your world if they aren't working. As your campaign progresses, you may find that certain aspects of your world need tweaking or even a complete overhaul. Embrace these changes to keep your world fresh and engaging.

Build a World that Complements Your Game:

Taking 20 suggests building a world that complements the type of game you want to run. Consider the playstyle of your group and the adventures you want to create, then design your world to support and enhance those experiences.

Reskin and Reuse:

Mad Mercer recommends reskinning and reusing elements that players have ignored. This approach helps you make the most of your creative efforts and ensures that no great idea goes to waste.

Collaborate with Your Players:

The consensus among most YouTubers is to build your world with your players and game style in mind. Collaborate with your group to create a detailed and rich space for their adventures, ensuring that everyone feels invested and excited about the world they'll explore together.


Creating a captivating world for your tabletop RPG can be a fun and rewarding process. By following the tips shared by these YouTubers, you'll be well on your way to designing a world that will engage and delight your players for countless adventures to come. Happy world-building!