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How real is your D&D character?

The concept of character autonomy in D&D challenges our understanding of free will, personality, and identity. As players navigate the adventures of their characters, they embark on a journey that can reshape their own minds and hearts. Ultimately, how much do our fictional personas influence who we truly are? The exploration of this question not only deepens our appreciation for the art of role-playing but also invites us to reflect on the nature of our own consciousness and the stories we live by. How autonomous are these characters? Do they possess free will, or are they merely extensions of the players' minds? A D&D character is a complex entity, born from a player's imagination and molded by the game's rules and settings. This character lives, makes decisions, and acts, all under the player's control. But what does autonomy mean for such a character, especially when the player's own autonomy is questioned by modern science? Philosophers have long debate

Last city random weather

I made this random weather generator for my (magical) post-apocalyptic campaign. Each day, I would roll a d100 to determine if a random weather effect occurs. I would reduce the chance of getting an effect if they happened too often to avoid interrupting the flow of the game. Generate Random Effect