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Random character relationship kinds

Generate Random Character Relationship

Random generators to help you define your character's personality

Here are some random generators to help you define your character personality, on my book " Twenty Personality Tables " there are descriptions for each result and also more tables like Animal Totems, Temperaments, Archetypes and more. Random Zodiac Sign Generator Generate Random Zodiac Sign Random Chinese Zodiac Sign Generator Generate Random Chinese Zodiac Sign Random Values Generator Generate Random Value Random Personality Flaws Generator Generate Random Flaw

Scroll of Elemental Infinity Pathfinder Woundrous Item

Scroll of Elemental Infinity Wondrous Item (scroll) Aura strong transmutation; CL 20th; Slot -; Price - ; Weight 0.5 lbs. This ancient and intricately inscribed scroll, a relic shrouded in mystic energies, embodies the boundless power of the elements. Its very parchment seems to pulse with elemental vitality. The scroll's origins are as mysterious as the depths of the cosmos; its creation is credited to the elemental gods themselves, whose divine hands etched its sacred words onto the vellum. The elemental energies it can modify are fundamental forces of creation: fire, cold, lightning, and acid. Each stroke of the gods' divine quills is a testament to the raw, untamed might of these elements. The depictions on the scroll come alive, the flames dance, the frost sparkles, the lightning crackles, and the acid hisses, as if the very essence of the elements has been captured and bound within the parchment. Yet, amidst the awe-inspiring imagery, a poignant message is inscribed