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The Black Marble Labyrinth a Dark Fantasy one shot summary

Sixor (High Elf Swordsman), the leader of the group, Petrus (Dwarf Cleric), Penta (Halfling Summoner), and Gratia (Human Rogue), old comrades from the Great War, are summoned by Mr. Frasc, who was part of their group before his retirement, to investigate a mysterious subterranean passage on his property. Mr. Frasc, now severely injured and disfigured, trusts his friends to uncover the secrets within the tunnel. He welcomes them warmly but with visible anxiety, explaining that he discovered the passage and felt an ominous presence. He shares his concerns about strange noises and animals avoiding the area, hinting at potential treasures and dangers. Despite his retirement, he asks his friends to explore the tunnel, believing they are the only ones he can trust with such a task. After going down a rough tunnel, they find the dungeon. The dungeon is made of shiny, smooth black marble, and Petrus is marveled by the architecture, thinking it was created with the aid of magic. The party enter

Eberron Rising from the last War: Forgotten Relics Summary

  Meeting Sergeant Vilroy: The adventure begins in the Upper Central Plateau, where the characters meet Sergeant Germaine Vilroy. Cobaltus, who has contacts within the authorities, introduces the group to her. The sergeant is gruff and straightforward, hiring the party to meet with a warforged named Coal in the Cog Carnival, a warforged bar in the High Walls district of Lower Tavick's Landing. She offers them 25 gold pieces each up front and an additional 50 gold pieces each if they bring Coal back safely. Vilroy emphasizes the importance of discretion, worried that her presence might attract unwanted attention and endanger Coal. Meeting Coal at the Cog Carnival: The party finds Coal, a black, one-armed warforged, at the Cog Carnival. The bar is filled with warforged, many of whom are missing digits or limbs, and the air is thick with the smell of tobacco and the sound of raucous games. After a brief conversation, they learn about the kidnapping of Caden d'Orien, the murder of