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Dungeons and Dragons editions matter?

Recently, I watched a video where someone asserted that Dungeons and Dragons (and d20 system variants) editions don't really matter. I think there is something lost in his definition of what Dungeons and Dragons is because his definition is very broad. This person says that Dungeons and Dragons, any edition, including Pathfinder, ICRPG, Dungeon Crawl Classics, the OSR, etc., are all compatible with each other. From the point of view of this person, what matters is the roleplaying part of the TTRPG and rules and mechanics should be adapted to his style; therefore, he uses a very basic version of Dungeons and Dragons. Under that premise, you actually don't even need rules. But there is another kind of player, myself and people I know who like rules, who like to play by the rules, and play the rules, meaning finding combinations, min-maxing, etc., which of course doesn't stop us from roleplay. Also when I go to a public event and there is a game of Pathfinder 1E I expect to pl