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AI creates Dungeons and Dragons race

I asked Chat GPT to create a Dungeons and Dragons race and then I used the description on Midjourney to create the pic.

The Arcs

The Arcs are a race of humanoid creatures that live in the enchanted forests of the land of Eldor. They are tall and slender, with pointed ears and delicate features. Their skin is pale and glows softly in the darkness, and their eyes are bright and shining like stars.

The Arcs are known for their magical abilities, which they use to protect their forests and the creatures that live there. They can control the elements, communicate with animals, and even fly on the wings of the wind. They are peaceful and wise, and they value harmony and balance above all else.

Despite their magical powers, the Arcs are a gentle and kind-hearted people. They are often seen as guardians of nature, and they are deeply connected to the land and the creatures that inhabit it. They are fiercely protective of their forests and will do anything to keep them safe from harm.

  • Physical Description: The Arcs are a tall and graceful race, with delicate features and pointed ears. They are slender and agile, with long, slender limbs and a graceful, almost feline gait. Their skin is pale and glowing, almost luminescent in the darkness, and their eyes are bright and shining like stars.

    The Arcs have long, silvery hair that is often worn loose and flowing. They are fond of intricate clothing and jewelry, and they often adorn themselves with delicate, flowing robes and intricate, sparkling jewels.

    Despite their fragile appearance, the Arcs are surprisingly strong and resilient. They are agile and quick on their feet, and they possess a natural grace and poise that belies their strength and endurance. They are able to move with incredible speed and agility, and they are capable of impressive feats of physical prowess.

    Overall, the Arcs are a beautiful and otherworldly race, with a grace and elegance that sets them apart from other races. They are a striking and mesmerizing people, and they are often admired and respected for their magical abilities and their love of nature.

  • Society: The Arcs are a highly-regarded and respected race, known for their wisdom and magical abilities. They live in small, tight-knit communities within the enchanted forests of Eldor, and they value harmony and cooperation above all else. They are led by a council of elders, who make decisions and provide guidance for the community.

  • Relations: The Arcs are generally friendly and peaceful, and they have good relations with other races that share their love of nature and magic. They are particularly close to the elves and the fey, with whom they share a deep spiritual connection. They are wary of races that are known to be destructive or harmful to the natural world, such as dwarves and orcs.

  • Alignment: The Arcs tend to be neutral good, as they value balance and harmony and are dedicated to protecting the natural world. However, some Arcs may be lawful good or chaotic good, depending on their personal beliefs and values.

  • Religion: The Arcs have a deep reverence for the natural world and the forces of magic that shape it. They worship a pantheon of nature deities and elemental spirits, and they often offer prayers and sacrifices to these beings in order to maintain the balance of the world.

  • Male Names: Some common male names for Arcs might include Eladar, Galadon, Nithran, and Tathal.

  • Female Names: Some common female names for Arcs might include Arwen, Galadriel, Luthien, and Nienor.

  • Reasons to go on Adventure: There are many reasons why an Arc might choose to go on adventure. Some might be drawn to adventure out of a desire to explore the world and learn more about its secrets. Others might be driven by a sense of duty or responsibility, and go on adventures to protect their forests and the creatures that live there. Still others might be motivated by personal goals or desires, such as a desire for fame or wealth. Whatever the reason, Arcs are well-suited to the life of an adventurer, thanks to their magical abilities and love of nature.


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