Scroll of Elemental Infinity Pathfinder Woundrous Item

Scroll of Elemental Infinity
Wondrous Item (scroll)
Aura strong transmutation; CL 20th; Slot -; Price - ; Weight 0.5 lbs.

This ancient and intricately inscribed scroll, a relic shrouded in mystic energies, embodies the boundless power of the elements. Its very parchment seems to pulse with elemental vitality. The scroll's origins are as mysterious as the depths of the cosmos; its creation is credited to the elemental gods themselves, whose divine hands etched its sacred words onto the vellum.

The elemental energies it can modify are fundamental forces of creation: fire, cold, lightning, and acid. Each stroke of the gods' divine quills is a testament to the raw, untamed might of these elements. The depictions on the scroll come alive, the flames dance, the frost sparkles, the lightning crackles, and the acid hisses, as if the very essence of the elements has been captured and bound within the parchment.

Yet, amidst the awe-inspiring imagery, a poignant message is inscribed, a farewell penned by the elemental gods themselves.

"To the Mortals of the Material Plane,

In the twilight of our connection to your realm, we leave you this gift, the Scroll of Elemental Infinity. Within its pages, the dance of fire, cold, lightning, and acid is chronicled—a tribute to the forces that shaped your world. As our presence wanes, know that the elements endure, their power undying.

May this scroll be a bridge between our worlds, a conduit through which you may harness the very essence of creation. We bid you farewell, not with sorrow, but with hope. For in your hands, we entrust the legacy of elemental mastery. May it guide you, nurture you, and empower you in the face of challenges.

With the turning of the cosmic wheel, our connection weakens. Remember us in the whispers of the wind, the crackle of flames, the chill of winter, and the sizzle of acid rain. We are woven into the fabric of your world, and though we fade from direct sight, our essence remains.

Godspeed, mortal souls. May the elements guide you, and may your path be illuminated by the eternal glow of elemental infinity.

With everlasting reverence,

The Elemental Gods"

Their words echo through the ages, a solemn adieu to the material plane they once touched. They knew that their connection to this world was fading, and in their wisdom, they left behind this scroll, a final gift to mortals who dared to tread the path of elemental mastery.

Elemental Item Transmutation: On a ritual that takes one hour, once per day per item, the Scroll of Elemental Infinity can permanently alter an item that deals elemental damage, changing the damage type to another elemental type. Alternatively, it can change the elemental type of a creature summoned by an item.

Elemental Spell Transmutation: As a standard action a spell caster can use the scroll to change the elemental type of one spell she can cast for the rest of the day. This power can be used once per day per willing creature.

Elemental Invulnerability: The scroll holds the power to grant unparalleled immunity. Once per day per creature, as a full round action, the user can become immune to a single elemental energy, rendering them impervious to its effects for 8 hours. This effect can only be used once per creature per day.

Elemental Adaptation: Similarly, as a standard action three times per day, the scroll can modify a willing creature's elemental immunity or resistance, changing it for another element type. This effect lasts for 8 hours.

Elemental Suppression: As a standard action, the scroll can suppress an enemy's immunity or resistance to an element. The target must make a DC 27 Will saving throw to resist this effect. A target that saves its saving throw is immune to this power for 24 hours.